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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Misc Stuff and love

I've been a bit rubbish and not updated in awhile, i kind of feel that my last post was of such quality that i cant really top it, the pressure is to much for me... so here is some of boring stuff about me that every other blog has...

Last night i went to the cinema, saw a movie it was ok, went home Karen said something funny about wallpaper, but i cant remmeber what it was now LOL!!!!!

.. Are you not amused?

If you want to read something funny scroll down to my previos post, if youve read that read it again.

I won the philosphie blog war again demonstarting my superiority over the rest humanity, and another step towards my divine destinay, Germany will soon be mine. Vengence will be sweet.

I have recently been creating a site www.thedirtysnake.com it is a magazine site for english students with too much time on their hands. There are funny/interesting articles on it so if any one is interested in being vagly amused check it out. If you have any good writing that you want to expose to the world they also take contirbutions. There is a link to it in the sidebar.

Also you may or may not have noticed that i have a little bit in my sidebar labbeled Cornealius Drake's Enemies List. I was thinking of taking submissions. If anyone knows someone that they would like to be added to the enemies list post a comment explaining why they should be put on my enemies list, make me really hate them. Reasons should be shallow and vindictive, so any one who nominates George Bush or Tony Blair or someone obvios like that earns themselves a trip striaght to the list.

I have been in love recently so i leave you with a little love poem to warm your hearts...


My love for you is like a butterfly,
It only lives for one day and then once we’ve fucked it dies,
Two minutes is all it will take,
For us to get from adoration to self-loathing and hate
So take my gifts, my offerings, libations,
Bend unto me my divine manifestation,
To be in your heaven is all that I can do,
Just don’t leave me alone here still in love with you,
Cause you’re my butterfly,

Sadly despite my repeated pleas and occasional threats the object of affections will not sleep with and so i remain in this excruciatingly painful state of being in love.
Someone please help me!
If there are any women out there who in any way resemble the charecter of Erika from The Paino Teacher (Isabell Huppert) and live within the london area please contact me, only you can save me from my feelings!


Blogger Cheesy said...

Dazam... I was all yours.. till the London thing! lol

10:39 PM  
Blogger slaghammer said...

Congrats on your blog war victory. Regarding your “love” problems, you might consider employing the services of a Cyrano de Bergerac type character to help carry the ball(s) across the proverbial goal line. Your poem is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time but it might be the source of your current state of interpersonal torpor.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Bazza said...

I can't believe that poem didn't do the trick for you. Is the woman mad, Cornealious?

1:06 PM  
Blogger Cornealius said...

cheesy: How unfortunate I really like your poetry. I curse this damned ocien that seperates us.. maybe we could have some kind of deeply creepy online relationship?

Slghammer: Thks. I dont think my problem with the object of my affections is down to a lack of eradition on my part so im not sure how much Cyrano would help.

bazza: Yes of cource of women is mad, i mean she doesnt want to sleep with me! Cornealius Drake the greatest most intelligant person alive. But she is also somewhat emotionaly unhindged as is the case with all the women i tend to go for, i wonder why on earth that is?

5:58 AM  
Blogger ren.kat said...

Vengence is indeed sweat! (But who's doing the sweating?)And even though my list of favorite books could easily be "anything not written by Bellow"- I enjoyed reading your blog - except the love-pangs, been there, not enjoyable.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Cheesy said...

"But she is also somewhat emotionally unhinged as is the case with all the women i tend to go for, i wonder why on earth that is?" Because we gurlie types are all unbalanced and deranged !
Freekin damned oceans,,, what the hell good are they anyhow?? Creepy?? Hummm no ty how about just cheap and tawdry?

1:54 PM  
Blogger Alabaster Crippens said...

Drak moost Dye. Thigh Bee Door Skibadee. Die Fook Boo Light Bin Why Fear. Dope Screw Cluk band Dye. BuckFOO. Sheet Kit Rand Pie. Mool...Scoo Ham Mool.
Sky Fate Boo

1:37 AM  
Blogger Cynnie said...

we're all unhinged
fact..look it up

6:09 PM  
Blogger Cynnie said...

Oh I forgot..
Whats cfs/me ?
And i pity a man that thinks fuck you is witty.

( oh I love this ..Choose an Identity...ermm..Elvis ?)

7:35 AM  
Blogger Cornealius said...

ren.kat: Thanks for pointing out my dslexcia-qgx. Your obviously not smart enough to get Sol Bellow, poor you.... and yeah thanks for reading my blog....

Cheesy: A cheap and tawdry online relationship... Great im yours! :)

Cynnie: Cfs/me is short for chronic faticue syndrome/myalgic ensefalitice(im sure ive spelt that wrong) its a horrible untreatable medical condition that i have.
Also regardes your comment "I pity a man that thinks fuck you is witty." You have misunderstood me it wasnt the fuck you bit that made me laugh it was the way that you started your post with some nice homely nostalgia and then suddenly lunched into vicous attack on that guy in rehab... it was the transition that made me laugh not the words fuck you, though they were an instramental part of that transition... and when i said thats a pretty witty joke i was being ironic... i think... probably...

1:29 PM  
Blogger osblake said...

Damn Drake that's some fine ass poetry you got there. Reminds me of that fling you had with the tailor's daughter down in Plymouth, back when we were fighting the Spanish... you know the one I'm talking about ;)

Been checking out The Dirty Snake too. Tasty site. Well done. I've started writing for them too.

5th november today, you seen Fawkes about anywhere? I can't get hold of him. Thinking about heading down to Parliament later, see if I can't find Fawkes...

As ever,

6:14 AM  
Blogger Cornealius said...

Fighting the spanish? im sorryy dear boy but you must have me confused with my cousin francis as i spent the duration of the spansih war at my home in salsbury wacked out on opium and the ever increasing symptoms of my syphillis.

Its great to hear your writing for The Dirty snake, its a great site :)

Fuck Fwakes and his misguided idealism he can burn as the self rightous fool that he is, long live the king!

3:25 PM  
Blogger osblake said...

Yeah whatever.

Anyways Drake me'boy I think I've found you an enemy. I was trawling the web for something good -anything good - when I happened upon this happy lass:


Dear lord what has she done?
She titled her blog 'Truth Be Told', then she went to a lyrics site, ripped the songs and pasted them into her blog. I mean come ON. How cheap is that?!
What's more, she's got loads of people leaving fluffy little comments like 'AH m8 i LOVE th@ song! Thanks 4posting!! :D' and other similar shit.
If you don't add her to your list I might just have to start one of my own. And I don't wanna do that cos I'm a really nice guy

2:20 PM  

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